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I am new to Debian packaging. I tried to get how to make a Debian package from binary objects, but every website gives me tools how to build and install an already available package. But I want to make it using a list of C binary files.

So how can I make a Debian package using libraries?

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There are many resources about Debian packaging; the foremost (but not a newbie resource) is the Debian Policy Manual.

In so many words, you create a package by populating your source directory with debian/control and debian/rules and, depending on the contents of your debian/rules file, auxiliary files to build your project. These days, the simplest way to go from start to finish is probably to run dh_make, which will create a template for you to customize.

See also https://wiki.debian.org/IntroDebianPackaging and Debian New Maintainers' Guide

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