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I'm migrating a project from vs 6.0 to vs 2008, I get the following error,

"error C2664: 'Policy::IBusinessImport::SetCustomImport' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CustomImport::ICustomImportPtr' to 'missing_type *'"


m_spBusinessImport->SetCustomImport(m_spCustomImport); //C2664

Definition of m_spCustomImport:

CustomImport::ICustomImportPtr m_spCustomImport;

Definition of m_spBusinessImport:

Policy::IBusinessImportPtr m_spBusinessImport;

Definition of SetCustomImport:

HRESULT SetCustomImport (
    __missing_type__ * customImport );

I'm very new to VC++, Any help to fix this error is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards, Ankush.

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