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I have created an SKSpriteNode like so:

 //Easy Button Image

_easyImage = [[SKSpriteNode alloc]initWithImageNamed:@"smiley.png"];
_easyImage.position = CGPointMake(-20,screenHeight / 2);
_easyImage.name = easyBtnName;
_easyImage.physicsBody.affectedByGravity = NO;
_easyImage.zPosition = 10;

[self addChild:_easyImage];

I'm trying to colorize the image after being clicked in the touches began method. I have a reference to the SKSpriteNode Property so once I see that it is clicked I execute this code

        SKAction *pulseRed = [self colorizeChoosenSpriteNodeWithColor:[SKColor redColor]];
        [_easyImage runAction: pulseRed];

Which references this method

SKAction *changeColorAction = [SKAction colorizeWithColor:color  colorBlendFactor:1.0 duration:0.3];
SKAction *waitAction = [SKAction waitForDuration:0.2];
SKAction *selectAction = [SKAction sequence:@[changeColorAction, waitAction]];
return selectAction;

However, the color of my image never changes. I can change the texture of the image completely but I can't just change the colorization.

EDIT: I removed some code that was distracting from the problem. I've debugged the code and it's definitely executing correctly, but I'm not getting the expected result.

Update: The color is appearing beneath my image I've discovered.

Same code except one has a missing image. Red color shows on the Sprite Node with the missing image?

The Picture on the Left is shown with a missing image, the picture on the right is using the correct image. The color is only appearing if the image is not displayed. How can I actually colorize the spriteNode Texture?

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I think you're missing a for loop in the touches began method. Your touches began method should look like this:

    - (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
     for (UITouch *touch in touches) {   
     if ([node.name isEqualToString:easyBtnName]){
         _easyImage.color = [SKColor redColor];
         _easyImage.colorBlendFactor = 1;
         SKAction *pulseRed = [self colorizeChoosenSpriteNodeWithColor:[SKColor redColor]];
    [_easyImage runAction: pulseRed];
    } }
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