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I use NSURLConnection to send request on server NSURLConnection increase cache memory and application crash due to low memory. I use this code for clearing Cache:

[[NSURLCache sharedURLCache] removeAllCachedResponses];

But in iOS 7 this code doesn't work any more. Does anyone have any idea how to clear cache memory ?

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you can convert your code to arc by clicking edit->refractor->convert to arc in xcode.then try with the same code. –  gunas Feb 28 at 7:00
i use third party libraries in my project which is not supported in ARC. –  Rizwan Shah Feb 28 at 7:20
converting project into ARC is last option for me –  Rizwan Shah Feb 28 at 7:21
You can exclude third part libraries from arc, refer to :stackoverflow.com/questions/8040629/… –  Danyun Feb 28 at 7:30
unfortunately i use this too, refer to stackoverflow.com/questions/6646052/… –  Rizwan Shah Feb 28 at 8:01

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You can create an NSURLCache with a specific memory or disk usage limitation with -setDiskCapacity: or -setMemoryCapacity:. You can clear the cache in UIViewController's -viewWillDisappear: or -viewDidDisappear:.

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i use [[NSURLCache sharedURLCache] removeAllCachedResponses] code in viewWillDisappear , viewDidDisappear and viewDidLoad but this code not working in IOS7. In IOS7 object release automatically if we use ARC but problem is i use non arc approach. –  Rizwan Shah Feb 28 at 7:10
if i use NSURLCache instead of NSURLConnection then cache memory will stop increasing ??? –  Rizwan Shah Feb 28 at 7:13

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