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anyone know how to use search bar in Mail application using AppleScript? I want to automate the process of searching subject(instead of search entire message) using search bar in Mail application. Since i want to search all the mailboxes(except inbox, there are other smart mailboxes), i cannot use the common way, which is set the mailbox then go through all the messages inside. Thanks for your help.

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You can use a technique called GUI scripting, it enables you to directly address ui widgets and perform actions with them.

Give this script a try: (changing the search text to what you need)

activate application "Mail"

tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Mail"
        tell window 1

            set search_text_field to text field 1 of the last group of tool bar 1

            tell search_text_field
                set the value of attribute "AXValue" to "subject:congratulations"
                key code 36 -- press RETURN key
            end tell

        end tell
    end tell
end tell

(It works for me on 10.7, may not on more recent OS)

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This almost works for me in Yosemite, but the search terms aren't parsed and activated. The string shows up, but then it stops. I think it might be tied to mousing in the search box. Is there a way I can emulate that? – Chris Quenelle Feb 20 at 1:25
@ChrisQuenelle try adding line: "delay 1" before the "keycode 36", fixes it for me on Yosemite. Cheers – adamh Feb 21 at 8:04
Awesome, works like a charm! Thanks @adamh! – Chris Quenelle Feb 22 at 16:48

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