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I made some changes to a *.tpl (template file) and tried running build.xml. While running build.xml my build soft fails at document generationstep, the error states -

"This template was modified last time beyond the use of the Template Designer. Such a template cannot be executed by DocFlex/Doclet!If you wish to run this template with this product, please resave it first using the Template Designer working under a commercial license."

I don't know how to use DocFlex/Javadoc to design template. Can anyone help please?

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Unfortunately, I have noticed this question only now, four months later. It is a typical support question, which is better to ask at the company, originator of the software itself.

Now, we have created a user forum for this: http://www.filigris.com/forum/

Please ask your questions rather there next time! You will not only get a timely and detailed reply, but also can help to promote our software in that way. Because of course you can do with our tool what you want (probably, everything you can imagine).

But here (at stackoverflow.com) the guys would be talking about the stuff that is already in use by tens of thousand people at least. Why something is used by thousands whereas other is not has less to do with the quality of the software itself but a lot more with such things like business development & promotion. That is quite different matter (which I would rather love to forget but cannot).

Concerning DocFlex templates. Although they are stored in text files that look like XML, they are not supposed to be edited manually. DocFlex templates are not exactly "templates" (we just haven't found a better word describing this). Our templates are rather programs that have some similarity with XSLT scripts. But this is not XSLT either. DocFlex template language is not what you see in the template files. Rather, it is expressed in the form of objects visualized in the Template Designer. So, it is a sort of visual language.

For instance, take a look at UML. It is a standardized language, which is described in many books. But there are no established "UML files". (Now perhaps there is some candidate for such a format, but still it appeared much later than the UML itself).

So, DocFlex template files are detached from the template language. They are verbose and optimized rather for processing by some software (i.e. template interpreter). This gives also much flexibility to quickly evolve the template language further. What you see in the Template Designer is always the same. But the new versions of the template files may look quite different as the older ones. For further information about all this, please see: http://www.filigris.com/docflex/

Here is how a typical DocFlex template looks (when open in the Template Designer):

DocFlex template

The large screenshot: http://www.filigris.com/docflex/images/template.html

I don't know how to use DocFlex/Javadoc to design template. Can anyone help please?

Well, in general, what you need is some kind of tutorial (and not only one!), complemented with the detailed documentation spanning for hundreds pages. So, you could find in this some kind of recipe for how to solve your particular problem.

But, you need to understand that writing such a universal documentation for a complex software typically takes the time comparable with the development of that software itself (sometimes several times more). You need to have people for that as well as money to feed them!

In our situation, much simpler would be to ask pointed questions, for instance, to describe what exactly you want to achieve. That can be answered very quickly, because that will narrow the topic enormously.

Also, a specific question would reveal how much you have already understood by yourself. For instance, some our customers were able to design the templates and achieve what they needed without asking anything at all. We knew about this only when they wanted some features not implemented yet.

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