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I'm developing (trying at least) android-game and cannot find actual implementation of collisions between sprites for GLES2-Anchor-Center. No search results.

All implementations of Perfect Pixel Collision (m5 and MakersF on github for example) has a lot of errors, that cannot be resolved (maybe im just stupid). Anchor-Center even supported? Cannot post links for all of them, need more rep.

My issue for one of implementations example: https://github.com/MakersF/CollisionTest/issues/1

Thanks for any help and sorry for my english.

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There is no official pixel perfect extension to AndEngine. There is a lot of information how to make MakerF's extension work. It's bit of a reading explaining that the collision core has been separated into another project. For more information, see the forum post from here onwards.

It will take some effort, but it will help you understand how to collisions work :)

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