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I have a "java" map that I would like to serialize with my own custom serialization logic. Note that java map itself is the top-level object.

  1. I want to output it as a collection rather than map only for above parameterized map type. All other map types should work as default (i.e. MyCustomObject could have Map which should work as usual).
  2. I want to omit certain key/value from serialization based on some property value inside MyCustomObject.
  3. MyCustomObject is already given to me and is not in my control.

Is there anyway to achieve this in jackson? Also, what about deserialization - in this case, I will want a map back rather than collection.

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By "custom Map type", you mean your own implementation of Map? –  fge Feb 28 at 9:23
If your map type is an implementation of Map, the it is a simple case of extending JsonSerializer<CustomerMapType> and implementing the serialize() method. Deserialization is the same, but with JsonDeserializer and deserialize(). However, if your map is just a standard Map, then your (de)serializer classes will need to be for MyCustomObject. Here's an example of a joda DateTime serializer that makes it print seconds instead of milliseconds. –  Dan Temple Feb 28 at 9:28
No this will be Java map only. I do not have my own map implementation. I have some knowledge of how to register my own serializer/deserializer for custom class using SimpleModule. I know know how to specify custom serializer if map is property of some class using @JsonSerialize(using = ""). However, I am not sure how to register my serializer/deserializer for parameterized java.util.Map class, which is top-level class. –  user3147951 Feb 28 at 9:42

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Write your own JsonSerializer and JsonDeserializer for the Map type but don't register them globally, instead use Jackson's Mix-in Annotations. This mechanism enables you to modify the mapper behavior for a class that is out of your control.

If you want to know how to serialize Map as List you can find the answer here.

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