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  • Scope: only front end issues (HTML, CSS, javascript)
  • browsers/devices: desktop browsers (IE8+, Chrome, Firefox & Safari), ipad's browser (mobile Safari), mobile devices browsers (android, mobile safari)

I have experienced unexpected differences between a page rendered in IE8 locally (IE8 installed on a physical machine) & the same page rendered in IE8 in Browserstack.

This concerns the CSS properties filter and -ms-filter, more details on the comment of this answer: Cross browser rgba transparent background while keeping content (text & images) non-transparent

Have you had similar experiences, if yes, how often & on what features (links please)?

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Also need to add background: transparent\9; Also do check the IE8 mode.

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I am not discussing a specific way of doing something here. I assume you are trying to tell me how to use transparent background in IE8. –  Adrien Be Mar 4 '14 at 16:32
@AdrienBe: Is your site an internal site? E makes assumption about displaying intranet sites (someInternalSite vs. someInternalSite.myCompany.org). That assumption is that intranet sites work best in compatibility mode. –  ahmed Mar 9 '14 at 21:19

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