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How can insert code template in eclipse on mac os x?

ctrl-space is not working :(

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The Ctrl + space or + space can be intercepted by Spotlight (depending on its configuration)

Go into:

System Preferences -> Spotlight

At the bottom, change the Spotlight menu shortcut (Ctrl+Espace) in any other shortcut like:

(cmd) ⌘ + Ctrl + espace


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Many thanks. I have installed Dreamweaver 5.5 the the Zend Studio and Komodo IDE and same problem in all of them. Then I understood it's might be a Mac keyboard shortcut but since I use VMWare I didn't knew that the spotlight is opened at the background. –  user1043909 Nov 13 '11 at 6:29
Might be better to change Eclipse's shortcut than Mac's. And btw, Eclipse Mac is by defaut Ctrl+. (control+dot). –  vinyll Jun 6 '12 at 10:45

Did you try cmd+space and option+space? Also you should be able to change this key sequence by going to Eclipse > Preferences > General > Keys

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If you have emacs-bindings set up in eclipse, then the key is "option-/", not ctrl-space.

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