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I would like to modify the form class so for every field_reference it adds a button + so users are able to directly insert a new element into that referenced table.

i.e: I'm completing a customer form and cannot found his city in the list. I just click an the + and the city form appears and let me insert the correct city.

I think I have to try by modifying atk4/lib/Controller/MVCForm.php around

if($field instanceof Field_Reference || $field_type=='reference') { $form_field->setModel($field->getModel()); }

But maybe it's something to add in atk4/lib/field/Reference.php directly.

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Try out this one:

It's not exactly what you're asking for, but this field type has implemented "plus" behavior. You can at least get some ideas from there if not using autocomplete field

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Am I limited in the number of VirtualPages inside others ? Now I've got a "plus" button for adding a city and in the city form a "plus" button to add a country. But this time I get a StopInit Exception... I tried to remove the throw and a new virtualpage opens but the form is based on the city model and not country – Sluggogle Mar 1 '14 at 23:04
It's not a good idea to have VirtualPage inside VirtualPage. It should work, but as far as I remember doing that - it didn't work out nicely. I used some hacks like $api->stickyForget() calls and so on. It'll be better if you rethink your UI and use only one level deep VPage. Also I guess that'll be more user friendly :) – DarkSide Mar 3 '14 at 11:06

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