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i am trying to develop a service using Windows Azure. The service consists in two parts:

  • An Android app that inserts some contents into a SQL database (using Azure Mobile Services)
  • A Web Site to show the SQL content.

The Andoird part is already done, the data is added into the SQL. The problem comes when I try to create the Web Site.

I followed some online tutorials like this, or this. It works just fine with a "normal" database Table, but when I try to use one of the Tables used by the Mobile Service, I just cannot get it working..

I have tried: (I thought it has something to be with de Schema Name)

  • Setting a new user for the database with default_schema the one of the Mobile Service Database Tables
  • Changing the default schema of DbContext (Using the solution here)

Right now, when I try to see the site that should show the Table contents, I get an HTTP 505 error...

Can anyone help me? Has anyone an idea? It will be much appreciated...


PS: I don't know if this is important, but I created the Tables using the "Manage" Azure website, under my Mobile Service, and after I got it working, then tried to implement the Web Site

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