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When I'm trying to write a simple one class console app - there is no problem. I can change code in a method when debugging.

The problem is with my web apps on Jetty. It's not working nor just in usual debug mode(pressing a debug button in eclipse) nor in remote debug mode described here. I can debug but can't change even usual not static methods, like adding sysout for example, I mean I can change it but after saving it's not updated and it works the same as before.

Also, I talked to my colleagues, it works for them but they use Spring Tool Suite version of eclipse, I tried and concluded that it works in the latest version STS out of the box in usual debug mode and it doesn't work in the latest version of Eclipse.

What can be a reason?

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Is your Build Automatically option turned on? –  Kouhei Mikami Feb 28 at 11:20
@Kouhei Mikami yes –  MaxNevermind Feb 28 at 11:24
Have you upgraded your Eclipse lately? Happened to me once, that I've upgraded and re-used old workspace with old .metadata and the debugger behaved quite randomly. Try to run the project in a fresh clean workspace! –  Pavel Horal Feb 28 at 15:37
@Pavel Horal That particular thing didn't work, but It made me try to remake eclipse files using maven plugin "mvn eclipse:clean" - "mvn eclipse:eclipse" and it worked. Thanks, you can write it as an answer I'll accept it. –  MaxNevermind Mar 3 at 9:25
Maven Eclipse Plugin (mvn eclipse:*) is obsolete... I suggest you to switch to m2e (which is Eclipse plugin and not Maven plugin). It will make your life easier. –  Pavel Horal Mar 3 at 9:58

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Answer based on my comments to the question (as suggested by OP):

Strange Eclipse behaviour can happen when your workspace or project metadata are corrupted. This can happen for example when you upgrade Eclipse version and use workspace created by the old version.

You should try to re-create your workspace and setup fresh project checkout. If the problem goes away, you know there was something fishy in the workspace metadata.

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You are basically making the generic reply "If its broken it won't work". You have no proof that this is the case here, so this is not an actual answer. –  Gimby Mar 3 at 10:17
@Gimby I wrote this answer based on my comments and suggestion from OP. Please remove the downvote. Thank you. –  Pavel Horal Mar 3 at 11:35
I have given you suffient reason why I downvote, if someone else does not agree with me they are free to upvote it again. Your answer is not an answer. –  Gimby Mar 3 at 11:37
OP had a problem with hot swap, which should work. Eclipse does not behave correctly when metadata is corrupted. OP said, that recreating the project helped. So I don't see how this is not a correct answer, even that I am not able to pinpoint the exact cause. At least I am not suggesting commercial product to just solve a configuration problem ;). –  Pavel Horal Mar 3 at 11:41
I didn't create another workspace though, I just ran "mvn eclipse:clean" - "mvn eclipse:eclipse" –  MaxNevermind Mar 3 at 11:46

You would have to use hot swap proxy for swapping classes in EE container like jRebel. Check it out.

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You don't need jRebel for Hot Swap. The fact that an application is running on server is irrelevant. –  Pavel Horal Feb 28 at 11:30
@PavelHoral It was never irrelevant to me when I was working as Java EE developer for JBoss... Are you sure we are talking about the same thing? Hot Swap != Hot Redeploy –  Antoniossss Feb 28 at 11:42
It's not free, is it? This is out of the box feature that should work, I'd prefer at first try to work with it –  MaxNevermind Feb 28 at 12:01
Yes, it is not free. There are (or is) some free alternatives, however we had some troubles using it at work, and we stayed with jRebel. You surely cat evaluate it, if you want though. –  Antoniossss Feb 28 at 12:03
JVM debugger feature to be more exact. It doesn't work if you don't start the JVM in debug mode (which in the context of eclipse means starting the JEE container in debug mode). –  Gimby Feb 28 at 12:20

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