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I have a very tall, and thin, tower of cubes one on top of the other, each with a rigidbody attached. I'm trying to build it higher and higher and have a wind blowing at random heights to try to blow it up and demolish it. It seems simple, but I can't do it properly.

I need to do something as the wind zones for tree, and I cannot attach the forces to the cubes since I need something to instantiate randomly at certain times or places that "pushes" the cubes to make them fall.

I've tried with a particle system, but I was unable to make the particles as collider objects (is this even possible?).

Any suggestion?

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You're on the right track with forces I'd say. Perhaps attach the forces at run time? –  T. Kiley Feb 28 at 11:52

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Interactive cloth might be your choice.

enter image description here

To add an Interactive Cloth in the scene, click menu

  • GameObject -> Create Other -> Cloth.
  • Add new anchor GameObjects (Menu GameObject > Create Empty Object)
  • For each game object, add a collider component (Menu Component > Physics > Box Collider)
  • For each collider, specify the center and size of the collider
  • For each collider, specify the 3D location of collider, at which the cloth remains static
  • Make sure the collider overlaps/intersects with the cloth, otherwise, it won’t work.

For your case, if you wish to programmatically specify the anchor position (since it is random), you might wish to refer to this tutorial as well.

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