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I have the following code to put a file on to an Amazon S3 bucket and then retrieve the directory listing:

<!--- set a variable to hold our S3 directory --->
<cfset s3Dir = "s3://#access_ID#:#secret_key#@bucket/folder/">

<!--- check if directory exists and create if not --->
<cfif not directoryExists(s3Dir)>
  <cfset directoryCreate(s3Dir)>

<!--- create a random file with a random number as its content --->
<cfset fileWrite

<!--- get the directory contents --->
<cfdump var="#directoryList(s3Dir)#">

The file saves to Amazon S3 correctly and I can see it using the S3 console. But the dumped out directory contents is always an empty array. Any ideas as to why this might be?

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I have checked for same code in ColdFusion 9 and seems working fine and displaying array of files. But yes, same code return empty array in ColdFusion 10. May be bug in CF10. EDIT: RAILO work fine as well. –  Pritesh Patel Feb 28 at 13:26

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I have just found the answer on Adobe's bug base at https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3554224

It is caused by having a trailing slash at the end of the directory path. Once I remove the trailing slash and restarted CF the file names are returned as expected.

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