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I'm using an Telerik RadGridView in a WPF application, which has two editable columns - Quantity and Cost. I have created a model for displaying this data in the grid.

e.g ::

 class Item
     public int Quantity{get;set;}
     public decimal Cost{get;set;}

      public void ValidateQuanity_Cost(...)
         // if Quanity>0, Cost should also be greater than 0.

  public ObservableCollection<Item> Items{get;set;}

  <telerik:RadGridView ItemSource={Binding Items}.../>

I bind an ObservableCollection of the type Item to the telerik GridView. Although the validation works perfectly, I want to highlight the row which generates an error and also display a tooltip. Can anyone help to achieve this?

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You can make your Item expose a BackgroundColor (of type Color) and ToolTipText (of type string) attribute that you can bind to in your data template.

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Make your Item object expose a “IsValid” property then use a custom type converter to convert it into the background colour. Likewise for the tooltip, but that may need an ErrorType property that is a enum.

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