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I have a little problem I'm trying to sort out. I'm recording sound 24/7 and they are split in .wav files that have 2 hour duration. Since .wav files are pretty large I would like to encode them to .mp3. Everything works fine with this script

@echo off
cd path/to/folder

for %%i in (*.wav) do (
   lame.exe %%i
   del %%i

Everything works as it should but there is one problem, I want to check if file is still recording, if that's true then I don't want to encode it. I tried to check file size now and 10 sec later but it gets same value. Here is example

@echo off
cd path/to/folder

for %%i in (*.wav) do (
    echo %%~zi
    ping -n 10 >nul
    echo %%~zi

output is for example:


and after 10 sec same


Can someone please tell me how to check file size if it's constantly changing?

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Test this on your files.

It will get a filename (sorted alphabetically in NTFS) and test to see if it is locked, and loop if it is - testing every 60 seconds.

When the file is free it will launch lame and then check the next file.

@echo off
cd /d "path/to/folder"

for %%a in (*.wav) do call :next "%%a"
echo done
goto :eof

set "filename=%~1"
2>nul (call;>>"%filename%") && (
  echo "%filename%" is free! & goto :lame
) || (
  echo "%filename%" is in use or is read only!
timeout /t 60 /nobreak
goto :loop
  lame.exe "%~1"
  del "%~1"
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thank you sir, it works like a charm – Jerko W. Tisler Feb 28 '14 at 13:06

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