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I am working on a clients website and want the background images on the "cruise_offers" div to change, possibly only 3 - 4 images in rotation.

My jquery knowledge is quite basic so any help would be great.

I would prefer it to work with jQuery as I am using it elsewhere on the site.

My markup:

<div class="cruise_offers">
    <span class="overlay_bar">
        <a href="cruiseoffers.html">View our Great Cruise Offers</a>



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Check out this link - I worked on something similar and it may help:

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Thanks for the quick respone although that article doesnt change the background-image property defined in the css. It rotates images within a div, sorry if i didnt make it clear enough in my post. – rmccawl Feb 5 '10 at 19:00

create classes in your css with different background images.

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Maybe something like this would work (I haven't tested it).

var current_image = 0;
var rotation_speed = 5000; //milliseconds
var where = $("div.cruise_offers");
var images = new Array();
    images[0] = 'img1.jpg';
    images[1] = 'img2.jpg';

function change_image() {
    if (images[current_image].length == 0) {
        current_image = 0;  
    $(where).css("background-image", "url("+images[current_image]+")")  

if (where.length != 0) {
    setTimeout("change_image()", rotation_speed);
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Thanks Eikern, tried the code and unfortunelty couldnt get it to work, i will be putting the site onto a subdomain for further development and test and will try it again then. Hopefully you can help when I have it online. – rmccawl Feb 5 '10 at 19:27

Check out the Cycle plugin and visit the demos at the bottom of the page to get started.

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