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First, sorry for my pretty bad english, i'm French :p

I'm currently switching from MySQL to Neo4j and i have a little question about my scripts.

I have artists and music albums; each of them linked (if needed) as (artist)-[:OWNS]->(album).

Now i develop the API for updating the information and i have a little "bug" for this :

How can i get an existing node and create it if not exist ?

For another part, i'm doing like that :

MATCH (u:User) WHERE'83cac821-1607-49a3-e124-07431ef375ce' MERGE (c:Country {name:'France'}) CREATE UNIQUE (u)-[:FROM]->(c) RETURN u,c;

So, if the country "France" already exists, neo4j will not create a second one... Perfect 'cause my countries haven't ID's...

But for artists and albums, i need an unique identifier; and i can't create my request :

MATCH (ar:Artist) WHERE'83cac821-1607-49a3-e124-07431ef375ce' MERGE (al:Album {name:'Title01', id:'31efc821-1607-49a3-e124-074383ca75ce'}) CREATE UNIQUE (ar)-[:OWNS]->(al) RETURN ar,al;

In this way, i need to know the album'ID (and in my API, i don't !). In fact, i need Neo4j get the album "Title01" if exist, and create (with a fresh new ID) if not. In my exemple, if i don't give the ID, it can get the album if exist; but if not, it will create a new one without ID... And if i send an ID, neo4j will never get it (cause the title's already exist but not with this particular ID).

(Before, in Mysql i was using multiple requests : 1° search if album exist. If yes, return ID; if not create with new one and return ID. 2° the same for artist. 3° create link between them...)

Thanks for your help !

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The MERGE command can be extended with ON MATCH and ON CREATE, see I guess you have to something like

MATCH (ar:Artist) WHERE'83cac821-1607-49a3-e124-07431ef375ce'
MERGE (al:Album {name:'Title01'})
ON CREATE SET = '31efc821-1607-49a3-e124-074383ca75ce'
CREATE UNIQUE (ar)-[:OWNS]->(al) RETURN ar,al
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i didn't see this chapter :( thanks a lot !!! – frednotet Mar 2 '14 at 10:03
Be aware that MERGE may change: "MERGE is a new addition and a provisional feature of Cypher. Its scope and syntax are subject to change. Therefore, please be aware that you may need to change queries that use MERGE in the future." – Daniel Macias Apr 9 '14 at 15:27

Here's a page that shows how to create a node if it doesn't exist: Link

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