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I'm well aware of the root of this issue, as npm wrote on their blog: http://blog.npmjs.org/post/78085451721/npms-self-signed-certificate-is-no-more

The solution is to either:

1) upgrade your version of npm

npm install npm -g


2) tell your current version of npm to use known registrars

npm config set ca ""

However, neither of these solution work on Elastic Beanstalk. npmis linked to the version of node installed (v0.10.10), and it is not possible to tell the current npm version to use known registrars.

I run a 64-bit Amazon Linux instance for NodeJS

Adding this command in .ebextensions does not help:

    command: /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/node-v0.10.10-linux-x64/bin/npm config set ca ""

Anyone as figured out a solution for this?

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it is possible to edit ~/.npmrc, right? –  alex Feb 28 '14 at 13:32
Well it doesn't fix anything, I'm still getting that error, when trying to push a new version. –  Guillaume Flandre Feb 28 '14 at 13:33

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I struggled with this as well. Fix: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fb32a4b053fe121b0b03. When applied in container_commands npm install has already run.

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This solution worked for me (w/ Node v0.10.21). Obviously not an advisable long-term solution, but works as a stop-gap on our dev server until Elastic Beanstalk supports a more recent version. Thanks! –  jmar777 Feb 28 '14 at 21:04

Was having the same issue today. I fixed it by setting my global npmrc file, as follows:

  command: "rm -rf /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/node-v0.10.21-linux-x64/etc && mkdir /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/node-v0.10.21-linux-x64/etc && echo 'ca = ' > /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/node-v0.10.21-linux-x64/etc/npmrc"
  ignoreErrors: true
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So I figured out a way to make it work:

Put this in .ebextensions:

    command: echo Defaults:root \!requiretty >> /etc/sudoers
    command: sudo /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/node-v0.10.10-linux-x64/bin/npm config set ca ""

Worked like a charm in my case.

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Sadly, didn't work for me. Amazon gave me a different version, that has not worked either:

commands: 01-command: command: '$(find /opt/elasticbeanstalk/node-install/*/bin | grep "npm$" | head -n1) config set ca ""'

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It did not work for me either.

What I did find: at the time that the "commands" block is run, the node-install folder is empty. I assume this is because the commands run before node + npm is fully deployed to the bare instance.

I will try and test this assumption later today, and provide further feedback.

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