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Is there a standardized command to determine the version number of a plugin, similar to ruby script/about? For example, I need to figure out which version of exception_notification I'm running. Here's my list of plugins in my vendor/plugins directory

active_merchant         annotate_models         calendar_date_select    gruff                   mysql_bigint            routing_navigator       ziya
acts_as_audited         attachment_fu           exception_notification  in_place_editing        redbox                  spawn
acts_as_list            authorization           gemsonrails             make_resourceful        restful_authentication  uml
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I don't think the exception_notification plugin has any version number, except for the commit label, which can be seen here:


However, most of the newer plugins have a VERSION file which you could read in. Or, if you're using a gem, you can find out its version by doing a simple gem list, but this should already be in your Gemfile or config/environment.rb

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