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I've been looking for quite a while already and still couldn't find a solution for this. All I need is to retrieve the memory levels and percentage of use. OpenNETCF has a MemoryManagement class, which seems to encapsulates a data structure returned through a P/Invoke or something like that, and it gives me the TotalPhysicalMemory, TotalVirtualMemory, AvailablePhisicalMemory and such, but those do not directly relate to Storage and Programs, nor could I find a way to "convert" these attributes to those I need.

Has anyone there already done this? It must be easy, I just need the very same values available on Settings > System > Memory.

Thanks in advance!

edit: I'm already being able to retrieve Available and total Storage memory through the GetDiskFreeSpaceEx P/Invoke. Since Storage and Programs memory seem to rely into the same hardware, maybe it's just a case of finding out what path to pass as the method's first parameter.

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You want the MemoryManagement class, not the DeviceManagement class. SystemStorageMemory and SystemProgramMemory are likely the properties you're after.

EDIT 1 For storage space, you'd use the DriveInfo class, initialized to the device root ("\").

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I already had a look into it, seems nice, but I'd still need to find out how much of those values is "free memory", since that's the most important in this case. –  wintermute Feb 8 '10 at 11:45
Then the AvailablePhysical is the Property you would look at. That's the value returned from the GlobalMemoryStatus API. –  ctacke Feb 8 '10 at 13:23
Hey, thanks for your help! I ended up by getting storage via GetDiskFreeSpaceEx and programs using OpenNETCF's MemoryManagement MemoryLoad and SystemProgramMemory. –  wintermute Feb 8 '10 at 17:15

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