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I want to add emacs autosave files to my .gitignore with the glob #*# but of course, lines starting with a hash are comment lines.

How can I get this into my .gitignore without it being treated as a comment?

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Did you try


Since 1.6.2, \ should be supported in .gitignore (see this patch)

To be precise, (March 2009)

.gitignore learned to handle backslash as a quoting mechanism for comment introduction character "#".

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Thanks Vonc, that's a new thing I've learned today. :-) –  Steve Folly Feb 5 '10 at 21:59

Another way of escaping # is to use the character set syntax, so that your #*# glob becomes


in your .gitignore file.

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This doesn't exactly answer your question, but I think it may solve more problems than just this one symptom:

You can move the autosave and backup files into a completely different directory so that your source directories don't get cluttered.

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This worked for me.


@CharlesStewart was close but did not work for sub-directory files which had autosave generated files.

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