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I want to customise a UIDatePicker. The user will be asked to select a

  • year (1984-2100) and
  • quarter (Q1-Q4).

An exact input of the date (with options day/month/year) is unfortunately not an option. An acceptable compromise would be only showing options for month and year.

  • As far as I have researched, it is not possible to customise Apple's UIDatePicker in that way. Am I right?
  • Which other options would I have to solve that problem?
  • Are there any 3rd party options that solve this specific issue?

I am aware of the UIPickerView, but I hoped I could avoid hacking two pickers together.

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Maybe this could help? It of course is built on top of UIPickerView, as there really is no way of modifying the UIDatePicker to hide days.


You also could customize it very easily by changing the month numbering and names in the LTHMonthYearPickerView.m file.

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that answer is more awesome that I thought it would be: The customisation of the LTHMonthYearPickerView was really easy; I will document my code, clean it up and upload it to a second github branch. Thank you so much, you helped me a lot! –  Sebastian Hojas Feb 28 at 16:55

You are correct, you can't use UIDatePicker. Use a UIPickerView with two components, one for the year and one for the quarter.

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