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I've been told my next project will include the receiving of messages via MQ Server. I have a SQL Server/.NET background, so this is entirely new to me. What software do you use to view the MQ Server queue? I've seen plenty of articles on how to integrate SQL Server SSIS with MQ but not what GUI can be used to view the queue.

I found this list on IBM's web site- is it correct?

If I install a higher version of MQ Client will it be able to connect to lower versions? Like if I installed SQL Studio 2012, it could connect to any previous version of SQL Server.

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The GUI to view the queues is WMQ Explorer and it is a free download. Go to the SupportPacs landing page for a list of all available SupportPacs or straight to SupportPac MS0T to download Explorer.

I highly recommend the add-on SupportPac MS0P which allows you to read WMQ event messages in plain text.

The Explorer tooling is Java-based, works with back-level QMgrs and does not need a separate WMQ client to be installed. However, to answer your other question, the newest client works with older QMgrs. You can download it at SupportPacMQC75.

And, just for grins, here's a pointer to the docs. WMQ V7.5 Infocenter

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Excellent! I never would have figured out to download the MQ Explorer without your assistance. Thank you very much. – James Dean Feb 28 '14 at 16:03

There are a lot of free and commercial tools available for WMQ.

I have put together a list of freeware/shareware WMQ Tools here and commercial WMQ Tools here.

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