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I am new to shell scripting, but please help me with the problem below.

I have many log files under a directory. I have to read all the files under that directory and create folders month wise and move them to respective month folders. Also, if a file/directory is older than 12 months I should delete it.

I have file names in this format : S20130803.123 I have to read 201308 from that file name and create a folder if one is not available and move that file into it.

Please guide me on this.

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You can extract the "year-month" part with plain bash parameter expansion

echo $month              # 201308

To compare with 12 months ago:

yearago=$( date -d "last year" +%Y%m )
if [[ $month < $yearago ]]; then ...

When creating a directory, use mkdir -p -- the -p option will suppress the error if the dir already exists.

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