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I found many examples how to zoom in charts but I'm looking for basic example in which the user can scroll with the mouse wheel.

import javafx.application.Application;
import javafx.scene.Scene;
import javafx.scene.chart.BarChart;
import javafx.scene.chart.CategoryAxis;
import javafx.scene.chart.NumberAxis;
import javafx.scene.chart.XYChart;
import javafx.stage.Stage;

public class BarChartSample extends Application {
    final static String austria = "Austria";
    final static String brazil = "Brazil";
    final static String france = "France";
    final static String italy = "Italy";
    final static String usa = "USA";

    @Override public void start(Stage stage) {
        stage.setTitle("Bar Chart Sample");
        final CategoryAxis xAxis = new CategoryAxis();
        final NumberAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis();
        final BarChart<String,Number> bc = 
            new BarChart<String,Number>(xAxis,yAxis);
        bc.setTitle("Country Summary");

        XYChart.Series series1 = new XYChart.Series();
        series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(austria, 25601.34));
        series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(brazil, 20148.82));
        series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(france, 10000));
        series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(italy, 35407.15));
        series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(usa, 12000));      

        XYChart.Series series2 = new XYChart.Series();
        series2.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(austria, 57401.85));
        series2.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(brazil, 41941.19));
        series2.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(france, 45263.37));
        series2.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(italy, 117320.16));
        series2.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(usa, 14845.27));  

        XYChart.Series series3 = new XYChart.Series();
        series3.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(austria, 45000.65));
        series3.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(brazil, 44835.76));
        series3.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(france, 18722.18));
        series3.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(italy, 17557.31));
        series3.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(usa, 92633.68));  

        Scene scene  = new Scene(bc,800,600);
        bc.getData().addAll(series1, series2, series3);

    public static void main(String[] args) {

Any help is welcome.

P.S I tested to insert the code into ScrollPane but I don't see any effect of using it.

ScrollPane s1 = new ScrollPane();
        //s1.setPrefSize(620, 620);
        s1.setHbarPolicy(ScrollPane.ScrollBarPolicy.AS_NEEDED);    // Horizontal scroll bar
        s1.setVbarPolicy(ScrollPane.ScrollBarPolicy.AS_NEEDED);    // Vertical scroll bar
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The answer by Lukas works ! Are you looking for something else ? –  ItachiUchiha Mar 3 '14 at 5:43

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Take a look at this answer.

I've got it working with this code:

final double SCALE_DELTA = 1.1;
bc.setOnScroll(new EventHandler<ScrollEvent>() {
    public void handle(ScrollEvent event) {

        if (event.getDeltaY() == 0) {

        double scaleFactor = (event.getDeltaY() > 0) ? SCALE_DELTA : 1 / SCALE_DELTA;

        bc.setScaleX(bc.getScaleX() * scaleFactor);
        bc.setScaleY(bc.getScaleY() * scaleFactor);

bc.setOnMousePressed(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>() {
    public void handle(MouseEvent event) {
        if (event.getClickCount() == 2) {
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Yes, it's working well. One more question how I can reset the original size? Maybe I can do this with double click? –  Peter Penzov Mar 4 '14 at 10:36
I edited my code in the answer above. –  Lukas Leitinger Mar 4 '14 at 19:20
I tested to add ScrollPane in order to fit the chart into boundaries and not to override nearby components but I don't see any effect. How I can use it with ScrollPane. –  Peter Penzov Mar 5 '14 at 18:29
Eh, sorry but it's just a scale, not a zoom. –  Muten Roshi Nov 29 '14 at 16:52

You should check out Jason Winnebeck's JFXUtils. He has developed a really nice library for chart zooming as well as panning (dragging the zoomed chart area like Google Maps).

  • You can also easily reset the chart. I wired it up to double click like you suggested.
  • You can specify the format of the axis labels on his custom StableTicksAxis (I display dates and times on my x axis).
  • Zooming works from a click-and-drag on the chart area or on the axis for zooming in to the entire span of either the x or y axis.
  • Mouse wheel zooming is baked right in.
  • He has a convenience method for super simple default setup, which wraps the chart in the components required to implement zooming.
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Sorry for interfere but I dont think with JFXUtils you can work with Bar Chart. Bar Chart expects Category Axis, and JFXUtils doesnt work with them... –  Pentarex Jul 28 '14 at 7:14

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