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Could load file from classpath but outside of the jar file? When I put file within jar file, it'd load file but when I put file outside jar but in classpath it'd not load file.


Jar name: hello.jar within jar there is file hello.txt

java -jar hello.jar 

I saw no problem to read file hello.txt file using line bellow


But when I put hello.txt outside of the jar but in classpath, it fails to load file.

java -cp . -jar hello.jar 

hello.txt file in same directory with hello.jar file.

Br, Mamun

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You can't mix -cp and -jar cmdline arguments in that way. You can either do...

java -cp ".:hello.jar"  # should use ; instead of : on Windows

or add a

Class-Path: /some/dir/with/hello /some/dir/with/hello/hello.jar

entry to the jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file that includes local directory.(details)

I would recommend you don't use . as the directory, since this will be prone to errors or maybe security issues if the jar file moves.

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