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I just started using Eclipse PHP.

I finally figured out how to turn on auto complete code assist.

My problem is that when I use require or include, those variables in those files aren't showing up.



<? $test = 'hi'; ?>


<? require('code1.php'); ?>

When I am editing code2.php, $test variable doesn't show up in auto complete (aka code assist)

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The code completion is cached. Try to refresh the cache. Also make sure that both files are added to your current project.

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In Eclipse 3.6 with PDT 2.2.1, I was able to solve this issue by going to:


and then enabling "Show variables from other files", and clicking Apply.

This was the only way I could get the autocompletion to work for non-class-type variables defined in external files.

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To tell eclipse where the included files are, add them under Right Click on your Project and select Properties then add the path to your classes.

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