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In a program that uses the MFC CFindFile class to browse directories, access to a shared directory at the root of a network location (say \\\Directory) fails. GetLastEror() indicates that network name cannot be found. However, any path like \\\Directory\SubDir responses to FindFile(path) without any problem.
I wondered why this happened and if I was the only one to be suprised. I investigated and think it might be a permission issue (icacls outputs the following).

subFolder Sub :
\\Directory\SUB NETWORK\user:(I)(OI)(CI)(F)
AUTORITE NT\Système:(I)(OI)(CI)(F)

Directory root of the shared folder :
\\Directory\ NETWORK\user:(OI)(CI)(F)

Users who want to dedicate a network drive to some output today have to add a subdirectory to their desired path, and that is a little annoying. So do we have to stop using CFindFile, or use it better, or accept this behaviour ?

Edit : Let me put a piece of code to see how strange this behaviour is.

int findWitness;
CFindFile Directory;
CString path = _T("\\\Directory") //My relucant path

path.Format(_T("%s\\%s"), path, _T("file.txt")); // A file I know exists
findWitness = Directory.FindFile(path); // after that, findWitness is 1

CString pathParent = Directory.GetRoot(); // \\\Directory
findWitness = Directory.FindFile(pathParent); // after that, findWitness is 0
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