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I am trying to get downloading files from S3 via node/knox working. My javascript call is working and successfully downloads the file, but I want to download it as an attachment. I have tried setting the headers to 'Content-disposition': 'attachment; filename=myfile.zip', but it doesn't seem to be working. Here is my sample code:

var mimetype = mime.lookup(product.filename);           
var headers = {
    'Content-disposition': 'attachment; filename=' + product.filename,
    'Content-type': mimetype

var get = knox.getFile(product.filename, function(err, result){
    if(err) { return next(err); }   

    res.setHeader('Content-disposition', 'attachment; filename=' + product.filename);
    res.setHeader('Content-type', mimetype);


I have also tried setting those headers on the knox call, but still won't download as attachment.

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Try changing "Response-Content-disposition" to just "Content-disposition"? AFAIK the former is not a real header. –  sgress454 Feb 28 at 19:19
sorry I was tired, I have tried the correct header. –  Matt Way Feb 28 at 23:27
Looks right to me. What's happening instead, is it trying to display the bytes in the browser? –  sgress454 Feb 28 at 23:56
Yeah. If I console.log the result, it just shows the bytes. I am using angular, so if you think this is looks ok, I wonder if it is client code related? –  Matt Way Mar 1 at 1:00

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So it looks like the problem wasn't my server at all, as I was unaware that you cannot use xhr (i.e. $resource with Angular) to download files as attachments. The simplest way I have found to get around this so far, is to only use xhr to validate the download, returning a token to the user which can be used non-xhr to get the actual file.

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