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I am running pgadmin 1.18.... In the options pane I can set the font for the database designer but I see absolutelly no way to access this db designer window, no icon or menu or whatsoever...

Is it a working feature under pgadmin 1.18?

Should it be enabled?

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Just create a new query and click on Graphical Query Builder tab. –  Bob Feb 28 at 17:35
Oups, perhaps duplicate: stackoverflow.com/a/9694261/1216680 –  Houari Feb 28 at 17:43
@JustBob, thank, that was it. I would have voted for your answer... –  Macario Feb 28 at 17:52
@Houari, not exactly the same question but definitelly related... –  Macario Feb 28 at 17:53
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Graphatical Query builder :

PG Admin Graphatical Query builder


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