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I'm writing a few custom Git extensions, and for some of them, I'd like to leverage Git's colorization/pagination/terminal detection code. My script currently looks something like this:

branch_color="$(git config --get-color color.mytool.branch blue)"
filename_color="$(git config --get_color color.mytool.filename red)"
reset_color="$(git config --get-color color.mytool.reset reset)"

printf 'For the %s%s%s branch, your files are:
' "$branch_color" "$branch" "$reset_color" \
"$filename_color" "$filenames" "$reset_color"

This does output color, but it fails to do it conditionally, and it doesn't handle paging correctly. Ideally, I'd love it if there was some kind of git helper that supported the syntax of git log and handled more of the auto-colorization and pagination edge cases for me...perhaps something like this:

git printf --paged-output "%C(auto)For the %C(mytool.branch:blue)%s%Creset
" "$branch" "$filenames"

I suppose that I could choose to abuse git log in this way by creating a format that has nothing to do with the actual commit, like this:

branch_color="$(git config color.mytool.branch || printf blue)"
filenames_color="$(git config color.mytool.filenames || printf red)"

git log -n1 --pretty=format:"%C(auto)For the %C($branch_color)$branch%Creset

But this has its own exasperating pitfalls: for example, if you're not in a repo, or if you're in one without a valid HEAD, no output. And I don't see an easy way to tell Git to escape $branch or $filenames, so the output could get corrupted if a variable happens to contain a percent sign that triggers some git log escape sequence.

Given that I'm writing these extensions in bash and I want them to be portable for team members using Windows (via mingw/git-bash), Mac OS X, and Linux, is there a cross-platform git printf-like method that handles terminal-detection to do proper colorization and paging?

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