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I am using typeperf.exe to try and get some server performance metrics. So far it's basically working with counters in a config file, but certain .Net CLF counters are NOT getting pick up.

The ones not getting picked up by typeperf are the bottom three .NET CLR Memory counters. These are of course custom C++ processes developed in house.

Can someone shed some light on how to properly include these for performance metrics ?

The command line looks like (-f is file format, -o is output file, -cf is config file, -s server name):

typeperf.exe -f csv -o perfmon.csv  -cf perfmon.config -s dev-ws10

The perfmon.config looks like:

"\Memory\Available MBytes" "\Process(DataService)\ID Process" "\Process(DataService)\% Processor Time" "\Process(DataService)\IO Data Bytes/sec" "\Process(DataService)\IO Data Operations/sec" ".NET CLR Memory(DataUpdateNotification)# Bytes in all Heaps" "\DEV-WS10.NET CLR Memory(DataService)# Total committed Bytes" "\DEV-WS10.NET CLR Memory(DataService)\% Time in GC"

Thank you in advance.


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