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OS: Centos

I have a perl script that I call from init.d while booting which is used to configure some options (it asks a few questions, prompts for options), at the moment it does take input but doesnt show this on screen while typing: how can I fix this?

The options could change after each reboot, that's why I thought it would be the right thing to call it from a init.d script.

The init.d script:

# chkconfig: 3 98 55

The perl script just reads from STDIN, and while it does receive the input it doesn't show while typing.

Could this problem occur because a tty has not been assigned yet?

Thanks in advance!

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Please show your code. It's difficult to diagnose things we can't see. –  ThisSuitIsBlackNot Feb 28 at 19:19
Typically it is a bad idea to have init.d scripts ask for input. Is there a reason why the options need to change between each reboot? –  kjpires Feb 28 at 21:59

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