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I'm iterating over a list in Handlebars using the built-in each helper. Within the each block, I'm referencing the current loop index {{@index}} to print the consecutive number of an item:

<script id="list-item-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
    {{#each items}}
    <li class="topcoat-list__item">
        <a href="#{{@index}}">Item number {{@index}}</a>

This gives the following output:

  • Item number 0
  • Item number 1
  • Item number 2
  • ....

The problem is that I want to display an offsetted index which starts with 1 instead of 0.

I tried to perform calculations on the index like {{@index+1}}, but this just leads to an

Uncaught Error: Parse error

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Handlebars gives you the possibility to write a custom helper that handles this situation, e.g. a helper function that lets you perform calculations on expressions like addition and subtraction etc.

Below function registers a new helper, which simply increments a value by 1:

Handlebars.registerHelper("inc", function(value, options)
    return parseInt(value) + 1;

You can then use it within the handlebar expression using the inc keyword, like:

{{inc @index}}
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I believe you can use...

{{math @index "+" 1}}
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Has to be implemented, see this: jsfiddle.net/mpetrovich/wMmHS –  Alex Ilyaev Dec 29 '14 at 12:33

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