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I am trying to generate JSON using RABL, my index.rabl view looks like this:

collection @products => :products
  attributes :id, :name, :price, :category_id

node(:total) {@products.count}

This generates JSON with the following structure:

{"products":[{"id":1,"name":"product name","price":0.00,"category_id":1,"total":30}, 
             {"id":2,"name":"product2 name","price":0.00,"category_id":1,"total":30},...]}

However, i would like the structure of the generated JSON to look like this:

{  "products":[{"id":1,"name":"product name","price":0.00,"category_id":1}, 
               {"id":2,"name":"product2 name","price":0.00,"category_id":1},...],  

This means i would like to get the "total":30 out of the "products" array and put it into the root object of the generated JSON. What changes do i need to make to my view file to generate the required JSON? I have very little experience with RABL and help will be highly appreciated.

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In your index.json.rabl you can do this:

object false
child @events do
  attributes :id, :message
node(:count) { @events.size }

The result is:

    "count": 50,
    "events": [
            "id": 124,
            "message": "Hola"
            "id": 123,
            "message": "Chau"
            "id": 122,
            "message": "Yeah baby!"

I've tested this on my project. You can change events with products...

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