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I’m using breakpoint within a serve project. After adding require 'breakpoint' to my './config.ru' and @import 'breakpoint' to my stylesheets, breakpoint works well while running serve (which I actually run via Pow).

However, when using serve export to export the site to static HTML/CSS/JS files within a predetermined folder, I get the following error in my stylesheets:

Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: breakpoint.
          Load paths:
    on line 5 of ./stylesheets/screen.sass

1: /Users/agarzola/git/devdev-splash/stylesheets/screen.sass


I’ve been poking around the serve gem itself and found that export simply runs compass compile -c '#{@input}/compass.config' '#{@input}' to compile stylesheets before copying them to the destination folder. I had also learned some time ago that the export feature in serve does not yet use config.ru (as it should), and I haven’t been able to figure out where exactly I need to tell compass to use the installed breakpoint gem.

So I tried running compass compile -c ./compass.config and compass watch -c ./compass.config, both of which return a similar error:

error stylesheets/screen.sass (Line 5 of screen.sass: File to import not found or unreadable: breakpoint.
Load paths:

I created an issue on the serve project, but I’m hoping someone here can share some much needed insight. Thanks!

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I had a similar issue where I have to uninstall the theme and reinstall because for some reason the gems were not being seem. Post here

After I uninstalled the theme, I ran install bundle and then checked rvm requirements. Then I reinstalled the theme and subtheme. I do not use serve however this could be similar enough that it might work. I did not find anything that helped other then that.

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