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Can someone tell me how to set a:visited and a:hover programmatically? I am dynamically building up some hyperlinks server-side and want to know how to specify unique css behaviour for each link. Otherwise I would set them all in a stylesheet.

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If you want to set the style for a single item, you can use the CssClass attribute, then set up the classes in your css.

.linkA:visited {
    color: red;
.linkB:visited {
    color: blue;

In your codebehind:

LinkOne.CssClass = "linkA";
LinkTwo.CssClass = "linkB";
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not sure I understand - wouldnt this work?

Hyperlink1.CssClass = MyAnchorClass;

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Unless things have changed, you can't specify the a:visited and a:hover within an HTML anchor (a) tag, so in the end you will need CSS somewhere (on the page, in a file) and assign the class to each anchor tag, like what willoller said.

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Here's how you do it inside code:

imageButton.ImageUrl = "~/App_Themes/White/Images/default.png";
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