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QUERRY : i am trying to make an application in java that will open a window in fullscreen mode and will have a button in it.As soon as we click the button, the window will fade in and another small window will appear above that and a small message inside the window will be displayed.As soon as we press escape the small window will again fade out and the previous window will appear.

SOLUTION TILL NOW : i have created the main window using JFrame and then used GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice() to get the full screen mode.I even made the fadeIn() and fadeOut() for the other smaller window using timer class and i am pretty sure that the logic is right. When i am running the program,the full screen window is appearing perfectly with the button. But when i clicking the button for the fade in effect, the full screen window is minimizing to the taskbar with the java application runner in the taskbar. The program is correct because when i am maximizing the window again, the application is still running perfect and when i press the ESCAPE button the smaller window is fading out perfectly.but again when i press the button in the main window, the full screen window gets minimized.

QUESTION how do i stop my full screen window from minimizing?

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You're going to have to post code so we can see what the program is doing. Try to strip it down to the least amount of code that still duplicates the problem. But before you do that, you might try putting breakpoints in your program until you narrow it down to the command that's causing your window to minimize. Good luck! –  Roy Mar 1 '14 at 1:11

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