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Here's a quote from vimtutor:

                        Lesson 2.1: DELETION COMMANDS

                       ** Type  dw  to delete a word. **

  1. Press  <ESC>  to make sure you are in Normal mode.

  2. Move the cursor to the line below marked --->.

  3. Move the cursor to the beginning of a word that needs to be deleted.

  4. Type   dw   to make the word disappear.

  NOTE: The letter  d  will appear on the last line of the screen as you type
        it.  Vim is waiting for you to type  w .  If you see another character
        than  d  you typed something wrong; press  <ESC>  and start over.

But that NOTE doesn't reflect my experience - the letter 'd' simply doesn't appear (and neither does any other letter). Why is there this inconsistency between vimtutor and my experience?

(vim version 7.4, vimtutor version 1.7)

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This is probably an oversight. That feature is governed by the showcmd option which appears to be false while the author of the vimtutor expects it to be true.

You should submit this issue on the vim mailing list.

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