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I'm building a small web app with Ember.js and Firebase so as of now I don't have a framework. I'm trying to use Venmo's OAuth and API to get usernames, emails, and friends. I got OAuth to work and I get a client-side access token to use in an API call, but whenever I try and send a GET to https://api.venmo.com/v1/me?access_token=<access_token> using AJAX or CORS I get an error saying XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.venmo.com/v1/me?access_token=<access_token>. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Is there a way to do this with javascript

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I'm an API engineer over @ Venmo, and we're looking to open up CORS support very soon, in the next couple months hopefully. Feel free to email developer@venmo.com and bug us if you need to :P

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Thanks Matthew! I appreciate the info and the Venmo team in general. You guys are great. –  OstrichProjects Mar 3 at 21:15

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