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I am currently trying to make an install usb key but im not sure if the dd commmand is freezing or just taking forever and for future reference i wanted to know if it was possible to add a install timer somehow to the dd comand when copying my iso to my thumb drive

ps the iso is 4.9 gb

thank you in advanced

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Try kill -SIGUSR1 $(pidof dd) for a start. –  filmor Feb 28 at 21:53
What is an "install timer"? Are you looking for an estimate of how long the dd command will take? –  Wyzard Feb 28 at 21:54
Yes exactly, i want to know how long its going to take or a timer of some sort –  Dehlasoul Feb 28 at 22:00

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pv is a nice utility that will show a pretty progress bar for pretty much anything. To e.g. write file.iso to /dev/sdd, use

$ pv file.iso > /dev/sdd
3.1GB 0:02:14 [14.27MB/s] [=====================>     ] 91%
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Thank you very much ! –  Dehlasoul Feb 28 at 22:08

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