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I just started learning Web development this week. I'm trying to build a website using a REST API, JS templating and Handlebars.JS

In my main html template file:

<div id="menu-placeholder"></div>
<script id="menu-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
    <div id="myset">
        {{#each set}}
           <a href="">
                <img src="{{set_picture_url}}" title="{{set_name}}" />
            Set id: {{id}} Set name: {{set_name}}

In my JavaScript file:

result = xhr.responseText;
menuData = jQuery.parseJSON(result);
document.getElementById('menu-placeholder').innerHTML = menuTemplate(menuData);

where xhr is a XMLHTTPRequest object used to make a call to the REST API. Inside menuData, I have my JSON data with: set, set_picture_url, set_name etc.

I want to be able to click an image of say, set xyz and be directed to a new page with all the items of that set. Since I have many sets, each with different items, I want to create each new page dynamically based on a set-template.html file because it seems very inefficient to manually create so many html files for every set beforehand. This is why my a.href is currently blank because I haven't created the corresponding html file yet. I want to be able use set-template.html, have all the items and data from set xyz put into it and then save it as set-xyz.html. Then I can set a.href="set-xyz.html".

I hope my explanation is clear and understandable. I'm totally new to this so I don't know if this is a good approach or if they're better, more efficient ways to do this.

Thank you.

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So you've said a bunch of stuff that you would like to do. If your question is how to do it, your question is way too broad and would require us to write a bunch of code for you, do you have a more specific question? –  watson Feb 28 at 23:09

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