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Technologies Involved

  • Mule
  • Apache CXF


A simple POJO (controversial acronym, but let's say a smart POJO):

public class SmartPojo implements SomeBusinessInterface {

    public String doSomethingSmart( With something ) {

        String result;

        result = Irrelevant.process( something )

        return result;

Need to Achieve

Expose SmartPojo as a Webservice without touching the code ( without: changing SmartPojo, changing SmartPojoInterface, adding a new interface, any JAX-WS annotations, etc ). The goal is to use Mule configuration only.

I can easily do it with Spring Integration, and would appreciate any input on how to achieve it with Mule. ( It seems that "cxf:inbound-endpoint" needs to be configured with "method-entry-point-resolver" + providing my WSDL in some way.. or another direction? )

Thank you

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As the question is phrased the spring-integration tag seems out of place. Spring Integration could help you, but not while using Mule configuration only. – iwein Jul 20 '10 at 9:30
Spring Integration is an alternative to Mule, and there I can easily do it. Don't see what is out of place here. – tolitius Nov 10 '11 at 21:20

CXF will use reflection to examine the public methods of your component class and expose them as SOAP operations in the wsdl.

This quote comes straight from Mule In Action. (page 58)

If you are trying to expose every public method in your class as a SOAP operation, then this is the approach you should take.

From your explict call above, it looks like you may want to implement a REST-ful or REST-like interface, not a SOAP interface. You would not use cxf to implement that. You would probably need to look at http://www.mulesoft.org/display/MULE/Mule+RESTpack.

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You don't just switch SOAP for REST or the other way around. They are not interchangeable. – Andrew T Finnell Jun 16 '13 at 17:55

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