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I know there have been many work around proposed for immediate shutdown, but I was wondering if there is other way to do so for cross platform?

I think system("pause") is visual studio / windows specific and getchar() or other similar stuff that waits for users' input create unnecessary input for exiting the program running under say gcc.

Any idea?

-- Edit --
I also tried hitting Ctrl+F5, but it doesn't work sometimes. So I'm looking for an alternative command (if there's any) or setup that can pause the console screen in visual studio and doesn't cause any discrepancy in other c++ compilers.

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What result do you want? –  David Schwartz Feb 28 at 23:21
Run code in a command-prompt/shell? –  Mats Petersson Feb 28 at 23:23
Do you want something like a 5 second delay before shutting down? –  cup Feb 28 at 23:25
@MatsPetersson If you run the code in a separate shell you will lose the debug capabilities of Visual Studio –  Csq Mar 1 at 0:10

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This problem only occurs when you launch a console program from a GUI. So there is a very simple cross-platform workaround -- run console programs from a console. If you want to make a program that runs well from a GUI, make a GUI program.

The other suggested workarounds are awful. Both getchar() and system("pause") interfere with any attempt to use the program as a filter or to redirect its input and output. It doesn't make sense to break a program so that it works "correctly" when used incorrectly.

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