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I am editing "frontend" files for our Office 356 sites. I have limited Sharepoint experience and I'm very new to the Office 365 concept. I'll explain in a dumbed down way what I'm doing. I need to edit CSS files, javascript & HTML files which are used in webparts. The whole thing isn't packaged into a Sharepoint app at this stage (I have taken this over from someone else). I have the master version of these files in TFS for version control and I edit them in Visual Studio as the JavaScript logic is fairly complex and there's lots of CSS styles, hence Visual Studio is the best tool for me to work with (intellisense, productivity tools etc.)

The problem is when I need to deploy these apps. I have Sharepoint Designer open in another window and I manually copy paste the files from Visual Studio into Sharepoint designer. I do this very often and it wastes a lot of time, copy-paste all day long.

Is there a better way to set up the project in Visual Studio, map to Office 365 site and deploy these files without having them packaged as an app e.g. map them to their corresponding online locations & publish in one go?

Edit: If I reword my questions: What I'm trying to do is deploy these files directly to host web, rather than creating and deploying an app.

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if itz just css and html what you want to change why don't you work directly in designer and once done with all changes .Copy it to VS solution. –  Unnie Mar 1 '14 at 12:07
SP Designer doesn't have any productivity tools, intellisense etc. I don't think it even auto closes tags when you type them. We're talking about over 3000 lines of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I have for example found SPFastDeploy plugin for VS, but that only works for apps. I can't figure a way to deploy files from VS to the host web. –  kaalen Mar 4 '14 at 5:59

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