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Say that I have an object with key/value pair as the following:

var someVar = {
    color: "white",
    font_size: "30px",
    font_weight: "normal"
...some more variables and functions

Is there a way to do a multiple assignment to those keys instead of having to do something like this:

someVar.color = "blue";
someVar.font_size = "30px";
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jQuery.extend, or for .. in loop through an object with your desired properties and set them on some object. For example, see stackoverflow.com/a/19776683/1008798 – Dalius Mar 1 '14 at 4:07
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You could loop through another object:

var thingsToAdd = {
    color: "blue",
    font_size: "30px"
for (var x in thingsToAdd) someVar[x] = thingsToAdd[x];

Or, you could use with (WARNING: this is ALMOST CERTAINLY a bad idea! See the link. I am only posting this for educational purposes; you should almost never use with in production code!):

with (someVar) {
    color = "blue";
    font_size = "30px";
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Worked! @Dalius mentioned first something similar, but I will give it to you since you mentioned about "with". – iwatakeshi Mar 1 '14 at 4:21
var myvar ={};
myvar['width'] ='100px';

or alert(myvar['color']);

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