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I can distort the image using the perspective transform js and then I am trying to draw the image on the canvas which should be the distorted image. The canvas needs to be generated dynamically and may contain a background image as well.

I am unable to figure out how can I redraw the distorted image on the canvas.

Here's the fiddle

$('#btnDistort').on('click touchstart', function (e) {
    if (!jaaliApp.currentJaali.jaali) {
        jaaliApp.currentJaali.jaali = $('.img');
        var url = $('.img').css('backgroundImage');
        url = url.replace(/^url\(["']?/, '').replace(/["']?\)$/, '');
        jaaliApp.currentJaali.url = url;

var jaaliApp = {
    distort: function (image) {
        var img;
        while (!$(image).is('.img')) {
            image = $(image).parent();
        img = $(image);
        var container = $(img).parent();

        function createHandles() {
            var topLeft = document.createElement("div");
            topLeft.className = "pt tl";
            var topRight = document.createElement("div");
            topRight.className = "pt tr";
            var bottomLeft = document.createElement("div");
            bottomLeft.className = "pt bl";
            var bottomRight = document.createElement("div");
            bottomRight.className = "pt br";
        var pts = $(container).find(".pt");
        var IMG_WIDTH = $(img).parent().width();
        var IMG_HEIGHT = $(img).parent().height();
        var IMG_OFFSET = {
            left: 0,
            top: 0
        }; /*$(img).parent().offset();*/
        var transform = new PerspectiveTransform(img[0], IMG_WIDTH, IMG_HEIGHT, true);
        var tl = pts.filter(".tl").css({
            left: transform.topLeft.x + IMG_OFFSET.left,
            top: transform.topLeft.y + IMG_OFFSET.top
        var tr = pts.filter(".tr").css({
            left: transform.topRight.x + IMG_OFFSET.left,
            top: transform.topRight.y + IMG_OFFSET.top
        var bl = pts.filter(".bl").css({
            left: transform.bottomLeft.x + IMG_OFFSET.left,
            top: transform.bottomLeft.y + IMG_OFFSET.top
        var br = pts.filter(".br").css({
            left: transform.bottomRight.x + IMG_OFFSET.left,
            top: transform.bottomRight.y + IMG_OFFSET.top
        var target;
        var targetPoint;

        function onMouseMove(e) {
            targetPoint.x = e.pageX - container.offset().left;
            targetPoint.y = e.pageY - container.offset().top;
                left: targetPoint.x,
                top: targetPoint.y
            // check the polygon error, if it's 0, which mean there is no error
            if (transform.checkError() == 0) {
            } else {

            containment: '#jaaliContainer',
            start: function (e) {
                target = $(this);
                targetPoint = target.hasClass("tl") ? transform.topLeft : target.hasClass("tr") ? transform.topRight : target.hasClass("bl") ? transform.bottomLeft : transform.bottomRight;
                onMouseMove.apply(this, Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments));
            stop: function (e) {
            drag: onMouseMove

On the click of the save button the image as is should be drawn on the canvas. How can I achieve the same?

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It is unfortunately not possible to save an image of a CSS distorted element. In this context the canvas is just an element as any other and the distortion is at a lower level than the bitmap we are exposed to when updating the canvas bitmap.

If you want to do a quadrilateral transform as here you would have to implement the low-level maths and algorithm yourself to modify the exposed bitmap itself.

Only then can you save the content as-is.

You may get around it using SVG in the future but currently there are many restrictions with it (for example external references such as images are not allowed).

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So is there any library that does this? –  Akshay Khandelwal Sep 5 '14 at 13:31

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