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I have a native ios app that displays youtubes, up until yesterday the app was working great, but now the app shows the youtube, only that when I touch the 'play' instead of playing the video, it just show a black screen.

My app haven't change, therefore I assume that youtube change something, but I don't know what and why.

I also cannot change the app because it was build on xcode 4.5 and apple forcing me to do an upgrade which I cannot effort...

Any idea how to approach it?

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is this happening on iOS7 and iOS6 both? –  san Mar 1 at 7:11
@san xcode 4.5 haven't iOS 7. so my thought he is trying with iOS 6 an lower version –  codercat Mar 1 at 7:14
post your relevant code –  codercat Mar 1 at 7:14
I know that XCode 4.5 does not have iOS7. But the ipa created from XCode4.5 still runs on iOS7. –  san Mar 1 at 7:16
It appears to be a widespread problem with youtube. See here. –  mdatwood Mar 1 at 15:26
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add webView this code

webView.mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction = NO;

see more detail : http://stackoverflow.com/a/22100003/3153903

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